Cyber Homeland and Defence National Workshop
28 October 2022 | 11:08


Location: ATO MECLİS SALONU, Söğütözü, Ankara 

Date: 31 October 2022 Monday 

Threats, dangers, vulnerabilities, breaches, attacks, disclosures and even wars in cyber environments; despite the policies developed, the strategies and action plans implemented, the inspections and tests carried out, the many standards used, the tools and equipment used, the guides and circulars published and the measures taken, it is increasing day by day. From damage caused by spyware and malware to ransomware, from cyber threat intelligence to deep and dark internet threats, from industrial control system (SCADA, DCS, PLC, etc.) attacks to advanced persistent attacks (APT), from rule-based to artificial intelligence-based threats and attacks, from critical infrastructures to social engineering and virtual fiction attacks, from electricity generation-transmission-distribution networks to smart grids, from sabotage to cyber espionage, from cyberbullying to cybercrime, from behavioral attacks to emotional attacks, many issues that are not given here are more personal, institutional and national threats than ever before. even continues to threaten the unity and integrity of the country. In order to reduce or prevent these, It is necessary to fight with the approach of "There is no line of defense, but a territory of defense and that territory is the whole of the motherland.", to protect our digital lands or assets, and ultimately to defend the homeland together with all parties and stakeholders in cyberspace.

The aim of this workshop is; to bring together field experts, policy makers, sector-institution-university representatives, researchers, students and those interested in the subject; to evaluate the subject in terms of industrial control and energy systems; to address the issue in terms of new professions and supervision; to briefly review the threats and dangers encountered or to be encountered in the growing cyber and deep world; to look into the studies with cyber homeland, cyber security and defense issues; contribute to the definition of a cyber homeland in a way that every digital citizen can understand and contribute to defense; and to share the resulting common thoughts, ideas, outputs and definitions with the public, in short, to contribute partially to the defense of the cyber homeland.

The Cyber Homeland and Defense National Workshop, which we organized jointly with the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers and the Ankara Chamber of Commerce, will take place on Monday, October 31, 2022 at the ATO Assembly Hall between 09.30-17.30. Participation in the workshop is free and registration is required. For the workshop program and registration procedures, please visit the EMO Ankara Branch website.


Workshop Organizing Committee

Halil İbrahim Yılmaz, Deputy Chairman of ATO

Şeref Sağıroğlu, Chairman of the Board of EMO Ankara Branch / Workshop Head

Cevdet Aslan, Vice President of EMO Ankara Branch

Hatice Bilge Algin, EMO Ankara Branch Executive Board Clerk / Workshop Vice President

Engin Pekyılmaz, Treasurer Member of EMO Ankara Branch
Ertuğrul Kadir Işık, Board Member of EMO Ankara Branch

Murat Subasi, EMO Ankara Branch Board Member

Tuncay Lamcı, Board Member of EMO Ankara Branch

Ayhan Şahin, EMO Ankara Branch Board Member

Kenan Erpir, EMO Ankara Branch Board Member

Berkan Ateş, EMO Ankara Branch Board Member

Okan Gümüş, Member of Board of Directors of EMO Ankara Branch

Yeşim Sekizelma, Member of Board of Directors of EMO Ankara Branch


  • Ankara Chamber of Commerce
  • EMO Ankara Branch


  • DivvyDrive
  • Labris Networks


  • Information Security Association
  • CIGRE Turkey
  • EMOGenç Gazi 
  • Elektrik Tesisat Mühendisleri Derneği 
  • GaziCyber
  • IEEE Gazi
  • ACM Gazi

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09:00-09:30 | Enrollment

09:30-10:00 | Keynote Speeches
prof. Dr. Şeref Sağıroğlu, President of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers Ankara Branch
Mr. Gürsel Baran, President of Ankara Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Yavuz Emir Beyribey, Vice President of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office
Mr. Ömer Abdullah Karagözoğlu, President of Information Technologies and Communications Authority

10:00-12:30 | Cyber ​​Homeland, Cyber ​​Security and Defense Session - 1

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Şeref Sağıroğlu, Head of EMO Ankara Branch

“National Cyber ​​Incidents Response Center Studies”
Onur Aktas | Head of USOM-BTD Department, BTK
“Presidential Digital Transformation Office Cyber ​​Security Ecosystem Studies”
Duygu Fidancioglu | Presidency Digital Transformation Office, Turkey Cyber ​​Security Cluster General Coordinator / Cyber ​​Security Department Unit Manager
“Digital Homeland, Assets and Borders”
Oguz Yilmaz | Labris Networks Board Member / EMO Ankara Branch Member
“Industrial Control and Energy Systems, Cyber ​​Homeland and Security”
Aykut Açıkgöz, General Manager of EMCEKARE / Member of EMO Ankara Branch
“Cyber ​​Homeland and Deterrence”
Dr. Faculty Member Mustafa Şenol | Istanbul Gelisim University
“Cyber ​​Homeland and Defense Ontological Perspective”
Dr. Hüseyin Bayazıt, Advisor to the Alaaddin Keykubat Cyber ​​Academy Foundation

12.30-13:30 | Lunch Break

13.30-15:00 | Cyber ​​Homeland, Cyber ​​Security and Defense Session - 2

Session Moderator: Taha Yücel, President of the Information Security Association / Aselsan Deputy General Manager

“Cyber ​​Governance Studies of the Presidential Digital Transformation Office”
Yusuf Tancan | Presidential Digital Transformation Office, Cyber ​​Security Department Unit Manager
“Cyber ​​Homeland Protection and Current Solutions”
Yusuf Tulgar, Divvy Drive A.S. general manager
“Open Source Intelligence in Combating Cyber ​​Terrorism”
Hüseyin Akarslan, 4th Class Chief of Police, EGM Anti-Terrorism Department
“Cyber ​​Security Operations”
Mahmut Esat Yildirim | USOM Advanced Security Operations Coordinator

14.50-15:30 | Tea-Coffee Break

15.30-17:10 | Cyber ​​Homeland, Cyber ​​Security and Defense Session - 3

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Mustafa Alkan, Head of Gazi University Forensic Informatics Department / EMO Ankara Branch Member

“Cyber ​​Security and Defense in Universities”,
Assoc. Dr. Murat Dener | Gazi University FBE Information Security Department Head
“Development Agencies Cyber ​​Homeland Program”
Kadir Kağan İnanoğlu, Cyber ​​Homeland Program Coordinator
“Success Story: Bartın Cyber ​​Vatan Project”
Dr. Faculty Member Eyüp Burak Ceyhan | Bartın Cyber ​​Homeland Project Coordinator
“Cyber ​​Homeland, Dark and Deep Internet (Dark and Deep Web) and Threat Operations - 1”
Mustafa Ozturk | GaziCyber ​​Student Community President
“Cyber ​​Homeland, Dark and Deep Internet (Dark and Deep Web) and Threat Operations - 2”
Burak Ozlu | GaziCyber ​​Student Community Vice President

17.10-17:30 | Closing and Evaluations


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