Aims and goals

        Universities and institutions and sectors can benefit from Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cyber ​​Security.

The aims of Gazi AI Center are:

  • to develop applications and intelligent solutoins in many fields of real-time analysis, rapid response in times of crisis, decision making with automated systems to reduce risks, reducing processing time, smart routing, geo-targeted advertising, emergency responses, disease detection, tracking disease progression and personal DNA analysis to strengthen health, personalization, determining the causes of customer loss, distribution and logistics optimization, store behavior analysis, variety and price optimization, stock analysis, product placement design, performance improvement, worker income optimization, management of natural resources, ensuring sustainable economic development and high quality living, data privacy, etc.,
  • to start or carry out new projects,
  • to provide consultancy and training to institutions and companies,
  • to develop common platforms and
  • to produce values from data and protect data for the country with a vision.

       Gazi AI Center focus on the activities given below:

  • Coping with big data and their analysis, the importance of which is rapidly increasing in the public and private sector and academic circles, data acquisition, storage, cleaning of existing data, analysis with statistical and intelligent methods, reporting the results obtained, ensuring the confidentiality, security and privacy of the analyzed data. to carry out the necessary activities to ensure.
  • Contributing to the transformation of big data into value, the creation of new strategies for the future of institutions and organizations, the identification of existing problems and the production of new ways to solve them,
  • revealing the relationship between big data and artificial intelligence by making use of artificial intelligence supported technologies that can be applied to almost every field today and also offer stronger, faster and cheaper solutions in transforming big data into value,
  • Supporting personal, institutional and national information security,
  • Carring out academic studies, educational activities in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, data privacy, information security and cyber security, 
  • Contributing to the issues mentioned in the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy and Action Plan and the National Cyber ​​Security Strategy and Action Plans,
  • Developing collaborations, producing joint projects, and national and international studies,
  • Doing qualified researches, training qualified researchers, meeting the qualified human resources needs of public and private sector organizations, with the "Big Data Analytics, Security and Privacy" English graduate program, 
  • Organising scientific, professional and educational activities,
  • Providing consultancy and information services,
  • Raising awareness in the country on “Artificial Intelligence”, “Information Security”, “Cyber ​​Security and Defense”, “Big Data and Analysis”,
  • Cooperating with the relevant programs and departments within Gazi University,
  •  Establishing common working areas and opening laboratories in needed areas
  •  Collaborating with NGOs and engaging in joint actions
  • Making national and international projects, establishing partnerships

       In addition to these, the preparatory and supportive contributions to related or close professions are listed below;

  • Contributing to the creation of new strategies for the future by institutions and organizations, the identification of existing problems and the production of new ways to solve them, by transforming big data into value,
  • Supporting to the development of data science, which emerged with the concept of big data, and training data scientists with unique perspectives,
  • Contributing to the elimination of security vulnerabilities and the development of this field, which emerged with the concept of cyber security and defense, and to train cyber security experts with unique perspectives,
  • Contributing to the relevant master's/doctorate thesis studies and R&D studies of basic sciences and engineering programs in order to meet the expectations and needs of the scientific and industrial communities,
  • Creating national and global awareness on information security, cyber security and defense through data analysis and the results obtained, 
  • Encouraging sustainable development in many fields such as telecommunications, cyber security, health, energy, education, agriculture and aim to offer solutions to global problems,
  • Ensuring that students and research staff are supported by projects,
  • Training data science experts, to enable talented young people to contribute to building a better world for all, and
  • Taking place in the international platform with the professional gains made in this center.
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